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Christmas money

By Rick Mapperson How to survive Christmas and keep your finances intact. It is no surprise that straight after the Boxing Day sales and the Christmas decorations have been packed […]
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Anxiety and stress over christmas

By Kerry-Ann Mapperson Santa knows if you’re naughty or nice, but not if you’re sad or stressed. As this overburdened year comes to a close and the ‘festive season’ approaches, […]
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By Pastor KerryAnn Mapperson Faith reflects a desired intention.  Hope is the anticipated fulfillment of that intention; it deals with future states of affairs.  Faith is the result of current […]
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by Pastor Kerry-Ann Mapperson Addiction to the approval of others;  Living the life that your parents wanted you to live, your kids want you to live, your friends want you […]
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True friendship

by Pastor Rick Mapperson Grooming Your Pallbearers  A man and his wife were out on a date. While they were sitting in the corner of the restaurant waiting for our food the husband took out his pen and […]
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Caring for the vulnerable

by Pastor Kerry-Ann Mapperson No one likes being sick. No one likes pain. No one likes being unable to help ourselves. No one likes losing our dignity. But the truth is we all will be vulnerable in some way due […]
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