Hope Chapel

Our heart

"Loving God, bringing hope"

This is the essence of who we are and what we strive to do. Love God with all we are, and all that we have. We believe this is done by bringing hope to our surrounding community. That includes our overseas community. We make it our mission not to limit God to Sundays but to be carriers of hope every day of the week.

A life full of purpose

We love God, and love people. Our mission is to represent Jesus well and bring hope to the people around us. The vision of Hope Chapel is to lead people to wholly follow Christ, and equip them to help others do the same, by the Holy Spirit. Our purpose can be summed up with the 3 G's. Grow, Give and Glorify.


"Growing in Christ through the Holy Spirit, according to God’s Word."

We believe that God has a plan and purpose for everyone; that the Holy Spirit will guide us in our spiritual growth by the reading of the Bible, the understanding of how to apply it's teachings in our own lives, and how that effects our interactions with others.

The basis of someone's faith is the understanding of the word of God. Without it we cannot understand good from bad, who God is or even who we are. Reading the Bible is a foundational faith practice for our own growth.


"Giving to God by serving those in need."

Hope Chapel is a small church, yet we are a generous one. Not only in our financial giving but including our voluntary work in the community, and for the community.

God calls us to deliver the message of the Gospel, and this is done through varied projects & programs hosted by Hope Chapel representatives.


Glorifying God begins in repentance. Then in spreading the good news of salvation through Jesus to the world.

Knowing with a humble heart that we need him. Turning from our sinful choices, and making new decisions. Yes, sometimes we sin, but we are on a path of sancftification and healing. We are held by grace to continue our walk of faith. In our confession of sin we find the power of Jesus grace.

Local Ministry

Hope Groups

Zoom call - Friday 7:30pm

Bible study groups where we read the bible and connect with our church family. For more details contact us, or stay updated on our Facebook page & group.

Alpha Course

Zoom call - Sunday 5pm

Alpha course is a 6 month long, in depth study on Jesus, and will help you understand foundational teachings of the Bible, together with others eager to learn. Lead by Pastor Jason.

Sunday Service

Sunday 9:25am                  1/55 Fourth Ave Blacktown

Sundays church services are hosted online as well as in person. Begin your discovery of faith in Jesus, connect with fellow believers, join in singing songs of worship, and listening to inspiring and biblically based messages.

FoodCare pro.

Drive-thru - Friday 9am-12 1/55 Fourth Ave, Blacktown

The Food Care Program is a food & grocery provider hosted at the church for the community to have access to more affordable goods. Free vegetables & fruit. $5 for a bag of goods.

iHope Kids

Facebook group

A program for kids to learn all about the Bible, and have some fun too. All teachers are run through legal safety checks for your kids protection. Due to covid-19 we only have online events. Join our Facebook group "iHope Kids Parents" to learn more.

iHope Youth

Facebook Page

A Program for youth to learn about the Bible, learn Christian values and have fun together with other youth. Due to covid-19 we only have online events. Join our Facebook page "iHope Youth" to learn more.

iHope Society

Facebook Page

A Program for young adults to learn about the Bible, learn Christian values and have fun together with other youth. Due to covid-19 we only have online events. Join our Facebook page "iHope Youth" to learn more.

Alpha park

Thursday 6pm

Hope Chapel cooks and serves sausage sandwiches at Alpha Park to those who need food. A known place for needy people to gather. We also provide a song service for the duration of the event.

Sam. Meals

Samaritans Meals is a program where people donate pre-packaged and cooked foods that are distributed to those in distress. Many make it to patients in hospital or recovering from injury, families currently moving house, and those in distressing situations.

hope chapel

serving team

Hope Chapel have a volunteer team of pastors, leaders, hosts and servers who have made it their life’s motto to "love God and bring hope." Our team care about people and seeing them experience God and the life He has for them.

If you are interested in joining the team we would be happy to give you the opportunity to serve God as a Hope Chapel representative. Start glorifying God with your gifts by contacting us.


Rick & KerryAnn Mapperson


Manuel & Phoebe Netto


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