About day of thanks

Day of thanks is an annual event hosted by Hope Chapel with the aim to celebrate, recognize and encourage YOUR community heroes and helpers.  People who make great effort to add value to their community. Every year different demographics are celebrated. Read on to learn more.

Celebrating 'Your hero'

This year we want you to choose anyone that has gone above and beyond to help within your community. From the medical providers like nurses, ambulance, doctors, to your local food providers. You may want to celebrate your neighbour who has been very generous to you. Whoever it is, celebrate them by nominating them to be recognized at this years '2022 Day of thanks' event. Nominate "your hero" by filling in the below form. When you've completed the form and click submit, Hope Chapel will get in contact with 'your hero' to celebrate them at our Day of thanks event. They will receive a gift and be recognized for their efforts. You are welcome to attend the event and applaud them during our award ceremony.

nominate 'your hero'

Day of thanks nomination Form



Time: 9:25am

Date: 29th May 2022

Place: 55 Fourth Avenue Blacktown NSW (Hope Chapel)

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